Flora Christeller & Friends - A Retrospective Exhibition

Academy of Fine Arts, Queen's Wharf

The exhibition runs from Friday February 6, 2015 to Monday February 16, 2015

With ceramics finding a new audience amongst a younger generation, Flora Christeller & Friends is a timely exhibition to showcase the Wellington pottery movement. Flora Christeller was one of Wellington’s pioneer potters who came together as a group during the 1960’s to 1980’s and bcame part of an international focus on craft as integral to daily life. With a career spanning over 40 years this exhibition highlights the diversity of her practice and acknowledges a close-knit group of people who supported each other and freely shared results. Other potters in the show include: Yvonne Rust, Roy Cowan, Juliet Peter, Mirek Smisek, Helen Mason, Jean Hastedt, Muriel Moody, Jenny Shearer and Nan Barker.

Flora Christeller studied fine art at Canterbury School of Art during the early 1940’s alongside Yvonne Rust who became a lifelong friend. Flora was part of a group of pioneers interested in pottery and without a specialist ceramics college it was a time when exploring the medium was exciting and the results were shared freely, both nationally and internationally. Flora learnt the fundamentals from Helen Mason and Mirek Smisek and then went on to teach others over the years including teaching night class ceramics at Upper Hutt College and at several ceramics workshops. The exhibition Flora Christeller & Friends features more than sixty works by Flora that have been carefully grouped into clusters and include her highly acclaimed salt glazed works, painted works, domestic ware and crystalline glazed works, all of which show her diversity as a ceramic artist and a master of the medium.

Flora’s career had many highlights including being a foundation member of the New Zealand Society of Potters, twice being a president of the Wellington Potters Association, establishing The Potters Shop in 1984 and completing a large wall mural for the Community and War Memorial Hall in Pauatahanui. Flora was community minded and part of a broader ceramic group that included close friendships with Yvonne Rust, Roy Cowan, Juliet Peter, Mirek Smisek, Jean Hastedt, Muriel Moody, Nan Barker, Keena Gibbs and many others. A small representation of their work is also included in this exhibition.

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