Bethlehem Pottery Club

Where are we?
Clubroom & Gallery: 13 Bethlehem Road Tauranga. Turn left at the roundabout at Bethlehem, heading south to Tauranga. Just before the entrance to Countdown Supermarket.  Parking at the Supermarket or on the road outside the clubrooms.

Contact us:
Web page:
Facebook: Bethlehem Pottery Club

President, Lynda Powell
Vice President, Lynne Whitworth
Treasurer, Helen Young
Secretary, Amanda Girvan

We meet:

Club Days : Members meet formally on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Members have 24hr access so if the club is open come on in.

There is a one off joining fee of $50. The annual fee is $50.

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Lynda Powell
Vice President
Lynne Whitworth
Helen Young
Amanda Girvan
6 electric wheels
1 electric test kiln
1 3 cu/ft. electric kiln
1 7.5 cu/ft. electric kiln
1 9 cu/ft. gas kiln
We also have access to raku kilns/pit fire/large wood kilns

We offer: 
  • Regular newsletter for information to members
  • Clay at club price for members
  • An annual exhibition in November
  • A communal atmosphere working together with potters
  • Classes offered – Beginners & Advanced Beginners
  • Workshops through the year with guest Tutors
Bayclay 2015

Bayclay 2014

The whole event was a great success; the variety of work was enormous, showing the skill and creativity of the club members.

Guest potters Greg Barron & Jin Ling displayed their excellent work which of course hugely impressed our many visitors during the weekend.

The sale of items exceeded our expectations and it just showed the enthusiasm the community has for hand crafted work.

Congratulations to Supreme Winner Murry Garner and Merit Winners: Margaret Lingard, Anett Pilz, Alec Roy, Suzanne Sturrock and Maurie Merrick. Thanks to Aohanui Art & Education Trust for their lovely display.

The Bethlehem Pottery Club at 13 Bethlehem Road holds club days on Tuesday & Thursday each week and is also open on other days for visitors to view the gallery and enquire about membership.

(For 190 more photos, see Facebook at ‘Bethlehem Pottery Club’)

The following images show areas in our club.

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