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Title Yea Well, Now Since Then: Jim Cooper
Category Exhibition
Dates Saturday August 10, 2019 - Saturday October 12, 2019
Location 13 Rose Road, Ponsonby. PO Box 68762, Wellesley Street, Auckland
Description Jim Cooper’s figurative sculpture in clay is a distinctively comical oeuvre. His retinue comprises mawkish characters with specious grins full of teeth and bug-eyed stares, cats and dogs of every denomination, wastrels and minstrels, sad sack characters, music groupies and faded celebrities. Throw in a relative or two from the West Coast and the self-satisfied look on an accountant’s face after announcing a tax refund. Cooper’s anarchic menagerie is ceramic pageantry on a grand scale.
Website http://www.objectspace.org.nz
Contact Emily Siddell for more information: emily.steve@xtra.co.nz