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Title The Great Cambridge Anagama Kiln Build
Category Workshop
Dates Saturday March 30, 2019 - Sunday May 5, 2019
Location Waikato
Description Woodstoke is pleased to announce a kiln building project in the heart of the Waikato. Janet Smith is building a new anagama wood kiln and Woodstoke is utilising this opportunity to deliver a series of workshops that will cover kiln design, construction techniques, brick laying, insulating adobes and steel work. Taught by master kiln builder, Duncan Shearer, you will get hands on experience in the fundamentals behind wood kiln design, become an expert brick layer and take part in the first firing.

For more information, click the website link or the pdf link below.
Website http://www.woodstoke.co.nz
Contact Duncan Shearer for more information: duncan@duncanshearer.co.nz>