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55th National Exhibition
Ceramics NZ - Student Competition 2015
Carmen Sharrock
Baroque Jug with plate-lid
Height 15.5 cm Width (plate lid) 18 cm
The challenge from our tutor was a table setting on which a course of a meal was to be presented. I provided the tea, coffee, water, cupcakes and edible chocolate sprigs. The theme for this tableware is Baroque. It alludes to the time in 1717 that the composer Handel, with his 50 strong orchestra, played his 'Water Music' for King George the First on the River Thames in London. The Baroque Jug is thrown on the wheel with applied sprigs'. The handle is pulled, then imprinted with the sprigs that I've carved from my own handmade lino cuts. The liner glaze is a matt white glaze with CuCo3 that Duncan created in class on a glaze program. The sprigs are rubbed with chrome oxide, layered with a transparent gloss with CuCo3, a recipe (amongst several others) that was shared with me. I protected the glazed sprigs with latex resist as I both dipped and poured a Blue/Grey Matt and a Greenstone glaze (Selwyn) over the body. The underside of the plate-lid is painted with a brush in chrome oxide on the wheel - the double foot that sits on the jug rim is glaze free. The treble clef sprig is also brushed in chrome oxide and over glazed on the wheel with a brush - an inner circle of the transparent gloss with CuCo3 and an overlapping larger circle of Greenstone, a tricky glaze to use as it had no appreciable clay content.
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