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Sue Rutherford
My studio is in Lake Hawea, close to the lake and mountains. I have lived in Central Otago for over twenty years although I am originally from the Midlands, UK.

I am essential self-taught, having discovered pottery making after studying sculpture at Nottingham Trent University. After qualifying as an Art teacher I taught 3D design for a number of years before travelling, then settling in NZ.

My work is an eclectic mix of decorative, thrown, hand built, glazed, functional, whimsical vessels. I also experiment in slabbed sculptural objects that are put together using shapes that interest me. The inspiration for my work is derived from forms, textures and surfaces found in eroded rock, and the landscape. I have always been greatly inspired by rock structure and the powers and forces of the geological process.

Making combines a number of hand-building techniques: coiling, slab-building and wheel thrown. I work both spontaneously and at other times painstakingly carving clay, attempting to imbue pattern and a sense of erosion.

Glazing involves layering reactive and eruptive materials, often very thickly, creating rich textural surfaces. This process of glazing aims to further the sense of eroded antiquity whilst simultaneously providing an exciting element of chance and uncertainty.

My work is multi-fired in an oxidation, electric kiln.

From time to time I paint.

Contact Details
03 443 8445
027 899 7213
Postal Address
179 Cemetary Rd
Lake Hawea 9382
New Zealand
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