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Dorothy Armstrong
Dorothy’s lifelong love of clay began when she was introduced to it at school as a seven year old.

Throughout the years she has attended night classes, workshops, summer schools, and made the most of every opportunity to increase her pottery knowledge.

She loves to make sculptures inspired by the life around her; on the farm by the sea at Maketu where she lived for 35 years; and now in the bush and by the river, where she now lives in Tauranga. The bird, animals and fish are her specialty, much of her work being raku fired.

'I like the speed of the firing, having some control of the reduction process, and the often, unexpected, brilliant results that are possible.'

She sells her work in local galleries and is often commissioned to make a sculpture of a loved family pet.

Contact Details
07 543 4094
07 5434094
Postal Address
130B Pukemapu Rd
RD 3
New Zealand
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