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Seymour May
Seymour who lives in Gisborne started his working life as a dairy farmer. In 1970 he started pottery. He mainly taught himself with the help of Toby Stafford as his tutor in wheel made pottery, At that time he used it as a hobby, doing pottery when he had some time left over between looking after his animals and other duties which keep a farmer occupied most of the time. He did his firing at that time in a small 5 cu .ft. diesel kiln.

In 1983 he took on the position of manager in a vineyard and did that for the next fifteen years, hardly doing any pottery. Chemical sprays made it impossible for him to stay on and then he started pottery on a more serious footing.

His property where he lives with his wife Helen is on the banks of the Waimata River. It overlooks a large park at the opposite bank giving the impression of living in an open rural area. Helen is a first class dress maker and tailoress with forty years of experience and she runs a very successful business from home.

Today Seymour makes domestic ware either on the wheel or by jigger and jollie as well as sculptural pieces from small to very large pieces. He now fires in a twenty three cu. ft. gas kiln.

When you drive through Gladstone Road, which is the main street in Gisborne, Seymour's work is permanently on show in the form of two large sculptural pieces which depict the area and the different cultures of Gisborne.

Each piece weighs half a tonne and is in four pieces. Seymour needed the help of three friends to get each piece into the kiln and later to transport it and install it in the main street. They are very impressive.

Seymour has been teaching for five years at the Gisborne polytechnic, teach special need students. He is currently president of the Gisborne Pottery Group.

Seymour has developed a small top loading raku kiln from galvanised sheet and two inch ceramic fibre. It measures 350 x 350 x 350 mm internal and 400 x 400 x 400 mm external.

Helen and Seymour run a bed and breakfast together with one double bed room and one twin bed room. Tariff $80 double, $60 single.

Instructor:. Seymour is available to take classes Click here for details 

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