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Suzanne Bloch-Jorgensen
I left school and was taught pottery by my parents, Michael and Betty Bloch-Jorgensen. Mum and Dad were potting full time in KeriKeri. In those days we fired a diesel kiln, using brown clay and the earthy coloured glazes. Then we had a new LPG kiln, which was wonderful; it only took about 9hrs to fire instead of the 13hrs the deisel took. And we started to use the white clays and use more colours in our glazes. We specialized in copper red glazes combined with a rutile blue.

I have been a full time potter for over 30 years now. I have wholesaled to other craft shops, had a small shop at my home, and I've been a member of the Potters Gallery co-op in New Plymouth. In 2001 I opened AlleyCat, a pottery studio and NZ craft gallery. After eight and a half years I closed AlleyCat and I now work in my warm home studio and it's back to selling to galleries. This has given me so much more time to have fun with clay.

Contact Details
(06) 7527325
Postal Address
194 Surrey Hill Rd
New Plymouth 4374
New Zealand
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