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Susie Leigh Rogers


In contrast to industrial expediency which demands a given piece passing through many hands on the passage to completion, 'ONE HAND ONE MIND' is an essential axiom of the Studio Potter.As the phrase implies a single individual controls every process in the production of each piece including Clay Preparation, Formation, Decoration, Glazing and the Final Firing.

Works are composed of local materials, varying clay blends, mainly comprising terracotta and stoneware and accordingly exemplify an indigenous quality earning them a place as representative in contemporary New Zealand national culture.

Sculptor - Maungakaramea

Susie Rogers is a person of uncommonly high energy, a collegiate netball representative for some years, she plays music and is a keen sailor. While she has also indulged her adventurous impulses by making a number of Parapont Flights around Mitre Peak in the Southern Alps, her principal sport interest is with horses. She recalls experiences of long distance endurance riding through the rainforest of Northern N.S.W. in Australia and later organising a riding school for local children in Maungakaramea.

More recently; still riding hilltops on horses, seen playing rockin' blues on drums with her husband on guitar in 'The Shaggs', adventuring on a Harley Davidson fatboy and loving being a Nana.

Susie's involvement in fine arts is long standing. She began working in clay as a medium in sculpture and potting about 25 years ago. She has become a master of the hand built method and prefers working in large scale. She derives inspiration for her sculpture subjects from the mythologies and cultures of antiquity, fertility and growth.

Susie can be seen working in her studio, the Greendoor Pottery at her home in Maungakaramea by appointment.

Contact Details
09 4323883
027 289 9715
Postal Address
13 Tauraroa Rd
Whangarei 0178
New Zealand
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