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Mike Spencer
Since 1972 we have lived on a 10 acre property at Okato, 25 minutes drive on State Highway 45 from New Plymouth, where we garden and plant trees as well as pot.

We have been making pottery full time since 1973 and have always made functional work. Our kitchenware and tableware is our own interpretation of many traditional forms and making methods, mostly thrown, but also including press-moulding and hand-building. Our work has developed and changed slowly over the years.

We have always made stoneware pottery. Several early kilns were diesel fired. In 1983 we build a large two-chambered wood-fired kiln which takes around 26+ hours to fire. We have reluctantly had to stop firing the wood kiln but it still remains the large gentle giant waiting to be reused at some time in the future - if anyone is strong, young and enthusiastic enough to do it!

Since 2006 we have been working with white stoneware and translucent porcelain fired in an electric kiln. We continue to make a large range of tableware.

We try to produce work that is unique to us as makers but which nevertheless fits within the continuing collective development of functional pottery, and therefore to encourage the use and enjoyment of hand-made pottery as a daily part of people's lives.

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06 7524351
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20 Upper Kaihihi Rd
New Zealand