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Mary Carmella Smith
Mary Smith began potting commercially but part-time in the early 1980s and was a foundation member of The Potters Shop co-operative in 1983. She remained a member until 1996.

During the mid 1980s Mary experimented with saggar-firing using soda in her gas kiln. This was a risky process and the surviving pieces of pottery were few. Her work was shown in both national and regional exhibitions such as NZ Society of Potters and Wellington Potters exhibitions as well as the Water/Clay Exhibition at Wellington’s City Gallery.

Mary Smith was a tutor in ceramics at Wellington High School Community Education Centre for 19 years until the pottery facilities were closed down in 2009.

In recent times she has made just a few pieces each year for the annual Wellington Potters anagama wood firing at Horokiwi. Mary likes making jars and bottle forms because they are suitable for the long woodfiring process which takes about 100 hours.

In July 2011 her anagama fired pottery achieved a merit award in the NZ Society of Potters regional exhibition “Elements” at Pataka Museum, Porirua.

Her work is held in private collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Mary can be contacted by phone at 04 934 4463 or email:

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93 Quebec St
Wellington 6021
New Zealand
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