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Lynn Margaret Isherwood
Lynn was introduced to clay at Teachers College in the UK in the 60’s; soon after this she moved to New Zealand.

Lynn has had an ongoing fascination with ceramics and sculpture, ancient and modern. She has taught ceramics to both adults and children.

Living in Auckland provided easy access to galleries and museums and to opportunities for on-going learning, in both Fine Arts and Ceramics, mainly at Auckland Society of Art and ArtStation.

Residing since 2010 in Tauranga, Lynn now enjoys being a member of the Bethlehem Pottery Club and Tauranga Society of Artists.

Lynn builds by hand, enjoying the feel and texture of various clays and the challenges they present when making and experimenting. With hand building, the possibilities for new forms are endless. Lynn gives rein to her imagination allowing the clay to lead her into various permutations on a theme. She puts a great deal of thought into selecting appropriate glazes and oxides to enhance the form and the message.

Lynn’s pieces vary between domestic ware, garden sculptures and planters, and light-hearted sculptural work, particularly with a bird and/or animal theme.

Contact Details

022 300 5853
Postal Address
PO Box 8392
Tauranga 3145
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