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Wakatipu Potters Group

Contact Persons
Martha Matthews, President
Geet Jorgensen, Treasurer
Louise Parker, Membership
Wakatipu Potters Group @queenstown
50 Stanley Street,
Queenstown 9300
Corner of Stanley and Ballarat Streets, inside the Queenstown Art Society building.
Visitor Open Nights
6pm – 8pm every Wednesday (excluding the months of December, January) year round
$10pp donation, plus $5 per piece for two firings.

Upcoming Events

  • our AGM will be April 16, at the Studio starting at 6pm for all members
  • we will be teaching three children's classes using Autumn as theme during the Arrowtown Autumn Festival (our date is April 20 in the Arrowtown Community Hall).  Two of the three classes will use a baking soda/cornstarch "Clay", the third class for older children will explore the patterning of Mishima using autumn coloration.
  • WPG looks forward to hosting an evening meet and greet/ 1 hour talk from Ben Carter (USA Educator/Ceramics Pro/Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcaster) on May 18, with an almost 2 day Workshop (day and a half.....)
  • The Luma Light festival over June 4th weekend will have a showing of WPG masks and special lighting.
    Wakatipu Potters Group, Inc is a not-for-profit community pottery club in the heart of downtown Queenstown, NZ.  The Club started in 1982 and have been located in the historic building on the corner of Stanley St/Ballarat St since that time.
General Information

We are a collective of talents, beginner to experienced hobbyist, from all walks of life, aged late teens to senior years.  A few members have formal Ceramics education but most of us have learned thru visitor nights, mentored assistance, pottery websites, local library information, fellow club member insight,  trial and error, and more recently, local workshops taught by professional potters also visiting Queenstown.

Ten months of the year, we host a Visitor’s Night from 6 – 8pm each Wednesday (except over Christmas/New Years summer holiday period).  Visitor night is open to local community and visitors alike.  We ask for a $10pp cash donation at the door to cover clay and running costs.  Club members volunteer their time and knowledge offering participants a low-key, fun environment to get dirty with clay.  Our members assist, and educate how clay works, what our vocabulary is, safety elements, and pointers for success in design and fabrication.  Each night is a little different as discovered by the more than 625 visitors attending last year!  Children (8 years and up)with parent/guardian are welcomed.  But be aware that this evening is a first come/first in event.  Our space is limited! 

Anyone that attends our Visitor’s Night for 5 sessions is welcomed to apply to join as a permanent member for an annual fee.  Once granted membership, everyone must have a Health and Safety briefing before being allowed to use the Studio 24/7.

Please note that children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the rooms at all.  Children ages 6 and up must be accompanied and attended by parent or guardian while in the Studio and during Visitor Night.

Since 2012, our census has doubled thanks to the commitment and enthuasism of our members volunteering to do what it takes to keep the club strong.  We have been lucky to qualify for several trusts, which help to manage our equipment or assist in funding community activities.  But as Queenstown’s city structure undergoes changes we must be prepared for that change too.  Our eyes and ears are open to these plans and we look forward to working with Council to ensure art education in Ceramic Arts continues  (and we would love to help it expand too). 

Wakatipu Pottery Group, Inc. welcomes your talents and interest.  We look forward to seeing you at Visitor Nights, or by private appointment.  If you are a professional Ceramicist, we would love to pick your brain and get to know your work when you come to Queenstown.  Pop into the Queenstown Arts Center, our Studio is at the end of the corridor!

Email us at:  or
Facebook:  Wakatipu Potters Group @queenstown

Ben Carter's Workshop in Queenstown

Wakatipu Potters Group had a great two day experience with Mr. Ben Carter.  We found him entertaining, interactive, motivating, informational, enthuastic, competent and organised!  I thought that since little old Queenstown was his last stop of the trip, he might be distracted, moving slowly and tired.  But he wasn't!  He called us "a lively group".  Maybe because we are! 

We all had fun and managed to totally destroy the clean studio with all that red clay too.  But learned so much.  Most of our group had never used slips before(or earthenware), or engaged in the use of a heat gun as tool to progress things more quickly.  I know we are a group of hobby potters each searching for a way to best express ourselves....  Isn't claywork fun!

Thank you to Ceramics NZ for bringing this guy down our way (and thanks to Meagan for working thru the details with Martha!). 

We look forward to the next big touring pro!! (we need it too!)

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