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Phone: Trish Morant, 021 0222 1224
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Please contact tutors directly. Contact details are listed with the class timetable below.

Trish Morant (021 0222 1224) 
Ngarita Wight (0226328196) 

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Daren Saunders
Grace Campbell
Ann Goldfarb
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Lorraine Bonisch

Avice Hill opened the workshop on August 19, 1989.

CPA is a 57 year old Association with about 120 members. We are a sociable group, interested in all aspects of pottery and welcome as members all who wish to learn about our craft.

Due to the generosity of Mrs. Avice Hill our workshop is set in a garden reserve near the Commodore Motor Inn, about a kilometre back from the airport.


We publish a lively quarterly newsletter, The Canterbury Potter, with information about coming club events, articles of technical and general interest and a diary of pottery events in Canterbury including those run by other pottery groups.

Avice Hill

Avice Hill gifted the land on which our workshop stands together with a very substantial donation towards the cost of the building.  A further large loan to help us complete the building was forgiven in her will when she died in 2004.


The Canterbury Potters Association holds weekly classes and lectures and workshops through out the year on many different aspects of pottery. There are also kiln-building workshops and specialty firings.  Students are encouraged to attend these club activities.

For adult classes, clay and other materials may be purchased from Pottery suppliers or from the tutor. A small charge is made for glazing and firing.

46th Canterbury Potters Exhibition - 2019 at Canterbury Museum

Selectors Choice Gael Abraham Large Moon Jar
Merit Awards Jane McCulla Harbour Rim 4
  Ngarita Wight Eel Vase

To see the exhibition please click here
Learn to Pot

The Canterbury Potters workshop is set in the gardens of the Avice Hill Reserve gifted to the community by Mrs. Hill in 1989.

Equipment available for instruction includes electric wheels, clay extruder, slab roller, spray booth and work is fired in electric, gas, raku, pit and sawdust kilns.

Both novice and experienced potters are catered for in small group classes. This allows personal attention and one on one learning.

The tutors are all established practitioners with proven track records in teaching and exhibiting their pottery.

Beginners are instructed in a wide range of techniques but with growing experience they are encouraged to pursue their own personal style.

Student work is fired weekly and a small charge is made to cover firing costs.

We will provide tuition at other times for groups of ten or more adult, secondary  or primary level students.

We also run children’s classes during term time. If there is sufficient demand we will also run classes during the school holidays.

Clay and other materials may be purchased from the tutor. A small additional charge is made for glazing and firing.

All class fees must be paid prior to the start of term or at the first class by arrangement with the tutor.

The Canterbury Potters Association holds lectures and workshops throughout the year on contemporary and historical aspects of pottery. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend these.

Pottery Classes 2020

Monday 10 - 12pm

Tutor: Jane McCulla email p: 022 635 3911

Pottery wheel, and hand building techniques taught. Advice on various techniques and surface treatments.
Individual projects encouraged. Beginner to Intermediate level.

Term 1 3/2 - 23/3 8 wks $125
Term 2 27/4 - 15/6 8 wks $125
Term 3 3/8 - 21/9 8 wks $125
Term 4 12/10 - 30/11 8 wks $125

Monday 1.30 - 3.30pm

Tutor: Jane McCulla email p: 022 635 3911

Pottery wheel, and hand building techniques taught. Advice on various techniques and surface treatments.
Individual projects encouraged. Beginner to Intermediate level.

Term 1 3/2 - 23/3 8 wks $125
Term 2 27/4 - 15/6 8 wks $125
Term 3 3/8 - 21/9 8 wks $125
Term 4 12/10 - 30/11 8 wks $125

Monday 7 - 9pm

Tutor: Michael Michaels, B.App.Art (Hons.) email p: 021 0764 643

This class will cover most aspects of clay work including throwing, hand building, slip casting and glaze development. Students from beginners to advanced level can work at their own pace learning all aspects of pottery and clay sculpture. You will be encouraged to develop your own style and work on self-initiated projects.

Term 1 17/2 - 6/4 8 wks $145
Term 2 27/4 - 29/6 10 wks $145
Term 3 20/7 - 21-9 10 wks $145
Term 4 12/10 - 14/12 10 wks $145

Tuesday 9.30 - 11.30am

Tutor: Margaret Ryley Dip. Fine Arts email p: 03 313 8406

Clay work taught from beginner to advanced including hand building, wheel work, glazing and surface decoration. This class runs two 15wk terms and both terms observe the school holidays.

Term 1 4/2 - 26/5 15 wks $225
Term 2 4/8 - 24/11 15 wks $225

Tuesday 7 - 9pm

Tutor: Hugh Rickard email p: 03 362 5054

Phone Number: 03 326 5054

Beginners to advanced. Each term begins with a different aspect of hand building before moving onto throwing on the wheel. Once students have mastered the basics, they have the freedom to move on and pursue their own project work.

Term 1 28/1 - 7/4 9 wks $125
Term 2 28/4 - 30/6 10 wks $145
Term 3 21/7 - 22-9 10 wks $145
Term 4 13/10 - 8/12 9 wks $125

Thursday 10 - 12pm

Tutor: Frederika Ernsten email

Wheelwork, form, function, glazing and the firing of students work each month.

Term 1 13/2 - 9/4 10 wks $145
Term 2 30/4 - 2/7 10 wks $145
Term 3 23/7 - 24-9 10 wks $145
Term 4 15/10 - 17/12 10 wks $145

Thursday 7 - 9pm

Tutor: Alyse Oliver email

This weekly class will focus on the core skills necessary for wheel thrown pottery. Students will be introduced to working on the wheel and to basic clay forms as they become confident.

Term 1 FULL 9 wks $120
Term 2 FULL 9 wks $120
Term 3 23/7 - 17/9 9 wks $120
Term 4 15/10 - 10/12 9 wks $120

Friday 4-5.30pm Kids Class

Tutor: Adrianne Goodwin email p: 021 829 707

Age ranges from 8 to 12 years. Class is limited to 10 kids. Enrolment cost includes materials. This course covers hand building, looking at basic techniques. There is a new project each week.

Term 1 14/2 - 27/3 7 wks $140
Term 2 1/5 - 12/6 7 wks $140
Term 3 24/7 - 4/9 7 wks $140
Term 4 16/10 - 4/12 7 wks $140

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Tutor: Andrew Carran email p: 021 026 55395 or 03 310 8453,

Hand building and decorating techniques for beginners in term 1. Wheel basics in term 2-4. Project development for experienced potters. Glazes and glazing for everyone.

Term 1 8/2 - 11/4 10wks $140
Term 2 2/5 - 4/7 10wks $140
Term 3 25/7 - 26-9 10wks $140
Term 4 17/10 - 19/12 10wks $140

Equipment for members use

We have facilities for a wide range of pottery techniques. These include three electric kilns, a gas kiln, raku kiln, pit kiln, electric and kick wheels, slab roller, extruder, glaze spray booth and an extensive library of books, pottery magazines and videos.

Our pottery collection includes the cross section of English pottery bought by Avice Hill and her husband, Frank, on their 1951 tour of England, and work made by many visiting potters.


CPA was delighted to run a workshop led by Rick Rudd who was in Christchurch to select for the Canterbury Fired Up Exhibition held at the Canterbury Museum 9th-19th May 2013.

Rick was very willing to share his vast knowledge and aquired skills of over 40 years developing techniques in handbuilding, creating pinched and coiled teapot forms.

Rick Rudd in action 

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